Haunted Hollows – Halloween Bonsai!

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Source: Ry2Tree2 Bonsai Blog. Source material: 2019, October-November          This week, I am especially happy to share that I have finished applying to my Ph.D. programs! Now I can finally return to my more creative pursuits and share them with you all again. Luckily, I have recently been inspired to create some new, unique ways Read More

Front Cover and Brief Review of Bonsai Heresy—

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. As it’s terrifically difficult to write a review of one’s own work and still sleep at night, I’m copying here what Wayne Schoech of Stone Lantern wrote in his newsletter about my forthcoming book Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed using Science and Tradition— Here’s the glimpse into the future we promised, Michael’s Bonsai Read More

Kokko-En Bonsai Garden of Yasushi Yoshimura

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog. The 2019 7th Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo, sponsored by Steve Zeisel, was a huge success. The bonsai, displays, demonstrations, critique and vendors were all wonderful and well attended. On Saturday afternoon a Benefit Auction was held to help pay for the event expenses. Vendors, exhibitors and friends donated bonsai related items Read More

Deciduous Early Development Part III: Styrax

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. Styrax is, like the magnolia featured in Part II of this series, a rarely seen deciduous bonsai. Mr. Takeyama in Japan has some remarkable styrax specimens, and seeing his was the reason I started trying them for bonsai. This specimen is Styrax japonicus, also known as Japanese snowbell- Continuing the theme of Read More

2019 7th Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog. The Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo is being held in Kannapolis, North Carolina, near Charlotte, on Saturday and Sunday 7-8, 2109. This special exhibition is held in an elegant venue covered with marble walls and floors at the North Carolina Research Lab. The four story building is a unique venue to display Read More

Using Accessory Plantings For Displaying Bonsai

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.   This blog was written to answer a question for a member of the Bonsai Nut Forum who asked about my display comments. I wrote too much for the answer and thought others might find my personal thoughts interesting. Enjoy!   Accessory plantings are commonly used to accompany bonsai on display for Read More

Designing Bonsai Displays For The Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog. Oto Hime Japanese Maple for display I spent all afternoon designing my three displays for the Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo next weekend in Kannapolis, NC. There is more than picking out a tree, table, wiping them off and hauling them to a show. Much more for me, which takes basic fundamental Read More

2,520 Degree Ponderosa Pine

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. Two years ago I collected this Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) with Backcountry Bonsai. It was tucked under a full sized tree, somehow eking out a very long life. Seven full rotations is 2,520 degrees of twist around the trunk…a bit of an eye boggler. It lay prostrate and un-inspiringly in its box Read More

A Visit To Tokoname – Home To World Famous Bonsai Containers

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog. Tokoname is one of the six old Japanese kilns which have continued to support Japanese living for over 1,000 years.  Tea pots and sewer pipes are the most famous items crafted and produced in the city of Tokoname, a bit south of Nagoya, Japan. Of course, most of the high-quality bonsai Read More

A visit To Shunka-en Bonsai Museum

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog. Last week we visited the museum of bonsai artist Kunio Kobayashi in Tokyo. He had just returned from a convention in Viet Nam, but he still had the energy to welcome our group with his wife and curator of his museum, Jin Yasufumi. Each time I visit this museum garden Mr. Read More