Chuhin Black Pine Restyle

2 weeks ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

In a game-changing redesign, John Wang of Los Angeles, CA transformed this gangly pine into a unified bonsai. While my client owns it now, the pine has changed only subtly since John got his golden mitts on it over ten years ago. Chuhin Black Pine, before John Wang’s reworking in 2009. John brought the upper branch down using a jack. The pine shortly before my client took possession. At this point I took over the pine’s maintenance, with a first wiring that leaned on John’s superb earlier work. After a long search, a suitable antique pot was found (the one in the middle). This is December 2021, before pulling old needles and trimming excess summer shoots. Here it is afterwards, 2021. Needles are a little short this year. Black Pines can weaken if the regrowth following decandling produces needles that are too short for too many years in a row. With a tree this dense there is some latitude. Several ways to maintain vigor: cut off weaker shoots; more fertilizer; leave some old needles; shorten repotting schedule; and reconsider decandling date.

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