Airlayering maples for bonsai

5 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Spring has arrived. The maples are pushing young growth, making this a perfect time for air layering. I have a few young grafted Japanese maples. I bought these some three years ago to grow out for bonsai. But I will need to get rid of the grafted rootstock! Why layer bonsai? If you have a nice tree but you need to remove a large branch or the trunk needs to be shortened, you can of course cut the section off and throw it away. However in some cases you have a special species. Or you just want to have another three. Then it is an option to use layering techniques. Take a look at the step by step manual for air layering bonsai. Another good reason to layer a tree it to get rid of a graft join. Some cultivars of Japanese maples are mainly traded grafted on the wild form of Japanese maple. This is the case for these A. palmatum ‘shin-deshojo’ and ‘Arakawa’ that I bought some 2 years ago. Now that the plants have grown a little bit, the trunks are big enough for air layering. Air layering of Japanese maples Just like described in the step by step manual I removed a ring of bark from the trunks. Then I left the sites to dry out for an hour. This helps to kill of any leftover cambium cells. Meanwhile I cut open two small pots and removed a small section of the bottom of the pots…

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