Origins of the Risky Rosebush & Steps for Recovery

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Source: Ry2Tree2 Bonsai Blog.

 Source material: 2/09/2018             As the weather continues to warm up and frosts become rarer here in Ohio, repotting season is on its tail end – if you're not already finished with it. I'm hoping to squeeze in my last few this week and also plan ahead for future bonsai by sowing my newest batch of seeds. In the spirit of finishing the repotting season, I was also planning to post the second major repot I did this year – once which involves substantial risk and reward. For now, that's all you'll get about it because, in the spirit of breaking my habit of writing overly long articles, today we have to first take a trip back in time and discuss the history of my gargantuan rosebush landscape-origin/yardadori prebonsai. It has perhaps the largest trunk rose I've seen in the bonsai world (not that they're a common bonsai subject to begin with!).Sections 1. History of the Risky Rose2. Current Repot Operation3.  Blog Announcements Possible planting angle #1 (This is how it was originally buried).

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