Starting a root over rock bonsai

6 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Recently the weather was nice. The sun was shining and the buds on my bonsai are starting to open. Time to work on a project that has been 2 years in the making. A root over rock planting with a trident maple! As long as I have been growing bonsai have I longed for a home-grown root over rock bonsai. I have started several projects without a lot of thinking about the plants used nor the stones. Some of them I dissolved. Some I still have around. None of them is particularly interesting. So when a few years ago I found a seller of a large range of Seiryu rocks I decided to get a box full of them. Root over rock bonsai style This bonsai style (In Japanese Sekijoju) emulates a tree growing in a rocky environment where over the years the topsoil has eroded away. It has roots clinging to the rockface, draping down into the soil below it. This style is different from rock plantings in that the growing tips of the roots that take up water and nutrients grow in the substrate in the pot, and not on the rock. A well-done root over rock bonsai does not have clear spaces between the roots and the rock. The connection between the roots and rock is such that the rock is completely immobile. The roots should not cross each other, and follow a natural path down along the rock. The rock itself can have a range of…

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