Free long lasting aluminium Bonsai labels

11 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog.

If a new Idea starts with a can of beer you already know that you are on to a winner. I am not good at keeping good records of the work that I have done on my trees. I have used plant labels but they fade, get lost and are easily misplaced.I have priced commercial aluminium tags but they are expensive when you need hundreds. Soft aluminium words well because using a biro on a soft surface makes an impression that cannot fade, washed away or deteriorate. I have looked at lots of options but have come up with a solution that is FREE, recycled and easy to make. I use abbreviations on my labels: RP= Repotted C= Collected 1 Open an aluminium can of beer 2 cut open the can with strong scissors 3 cut the labels to the size you want 4 use a hole punch 5 write with a biro on a soft surface 6 attach to the tree with wire

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