Yamadori Trees 2020

1 year ago Nebby 0

Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

I have been a bit quiet in posting recently and that is mainly due to me being busy digging a few new trees. I think some are good with real potential and a few that were taken so I could get to the target tree but all in all it has been a fun winter time getting a few new projects in the backyard. None of these trees will have any work done to then now for a year or two but that will mean I have something to look forward to over the coming years. A few photos of the trees dug. English oak – I’m sure it had more movement in the trunk when I dug it? Wild plum – it has a thousand thorns that I must deal with! Prunus – probably a plum. Small ash – great bark! Hedge trimmed trident maple Cotoneaster – when I go on digs I look for trees with movement in the trunk, and I hold out great hope for this one. Plum?

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