2020 Open House: Sale, Bonsai Displays & Demonstrations

4 months ago Nebby 0
Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog. Everyone is invited to visit this year’s Spring Open House & Sale on Saturday-Sunday, June 6-7, 2020, at the International Bonsai Arboretum in Rochester, New York. Please be safe and wear a mask. Since I was unable to conduct my Introductory Bonsai Courses, Seminars and Open Workshops because of the Convair Read More

Nature’s little helpers

4 months ago Nebby 0
Source: Growing Bonsai Blog. Walking through the garden in my growing-out field I noticed these little critters. These ferocious looking animals are the larvae of ladybugs feasting on aphids. This is one of the reasons why I try to avoid using pesticides in the garden. It allows for natural predators to come in and bring Read More