Tamarix bonsai full of surprises

4 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Tamarix bonsai One of the trees in collection is a Tamarix. Although it grows very fast with branches extending over a metre in one growing season, trunks only slowly get thicker. Therefor I was happy to find a bigger specimen a few years ago. Bonus was the nice taper in the trunk. Tamarix rough stock After repotting the tree I decided to grow the tree in a weeping style. This is a shape which works particularly well for the Tamarix as side-branches have a tendency to stay very loose and open. In winter most of these are dropped leaving only the main extending branches. In the winter of 2018-2019 something must have gone wrong. In spring 2019 the Tamarix bonsai did not start growing until early June and part of the branches had died. I did not think too much about is, as the tree took off and grew well all year after that. In winter I showed the tree in a bonsai forum, where I was warned: There seems to be dead bark on your tree. So I took a small knife and started to tease the edges of the bark.. Removing bark from Tamarix bonsaiTamarix trunk with characterTamarix most bark removed A small piece of removed bark became a larger part of the bark. I took the tree out of the pot and into a bucket of water to better be able to clean off the bark. A few hours later the nice trunk with aged bark had…

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