Ryan’s Bonsaiclopedia: The Root of All Bonsai

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Source: Ry2Tree2 Bonsai Blog.

          Many people don't know this but bonsai are actually made by magical, elven wizards disguised as humans. The best of these wizards channel the universe's energy into their green thumbs to create unbelievable works of art and captures the essence of a century-old tree into one small pot. Although millions of people around the world appreciate the art of bonsai, the methods of these bonsai wizards are somehow a total mystery to outsiders, but with dedication (and a little time reading my blog), you can learn their methods too.          In an effort to illuminate these magical methods for creating bonsai, I'm excited to announce that today's post is the first from my five-part "How to Grow Bonsai From Seed" series (yes, this is what I've been keeping myself busy with in quarantine!). Before we can even discuss how to grow from seed, it is only logical to discuss alternative ways to jumpstart your bonsai addiction, as growing from seed might not be suitable for everyone. Each source of prebonsai material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each will challenge you to build your bonsai skills differently.         If you're looking to buy seeds for bonsai – full disclosure – I am writing this series with the intent to sell my own seeds for growing bonsai (see here). I plan to send a hard copy of this series to everyone who buys seeds from me and supports my work in bonsai.…

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