Interview with Bonsaiko – NWFGS 2020

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Source: Ry2Tree2 Bonsai Blog.

Source material: Feb 2017-2019     Well, friends, that special time of year is almost here again. Yes, early spring means repotting season to us bonsai artists, however, in Seattle it also means it’s time for the largest flower and garden show west of the Mississippi River.  Returning readers may recall that I have already written about the Northwest Flower and Garden Show several times to highlight the display gardens I helped the Elandan Gardens team create every year (see the 2017 garden here and 2018 one here). In preparation for the 2020 Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I wanted to share the work of another local landscaper featured in the show – the current president of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association, owner of Redwood Builders Landscaping, and writer of the bonsai blog Bonsaiko, Tony Fajarillo. I consider Tony to be one of the most skilled bonsai artists in the local club and his wealth of yardadori (landscape-collected specimen) turned into beautiful bonsai gems attest to that. Today we will review his past work at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and ask him what we can look forward to for this year.Sections:1. 2017 – Mini Garden2. 2018 – “Pot Party”3. 2019 – “The Isles of the Blest: Tao Myth4. 2020 – Interview with Bonsaiko / Tony FajarilloTony calls this his “Flying Dragon” juniper. I was amazed to learn that this is a phoenix graft – a live tree grown between a dead one! The interplay together so beautifully I never would have noticed.…

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