Yew bonsai from hedging material

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

History of hedgerow yew for bonsai Some 5 years ago I pulled a Taxus hedge from a garden. Upon collecting I realized that the plants had been planted without taking of the netting that the grower of the original plants had put on the rootball for transport. The roots had grown through the netting made of some type of nylon, and I spent 10 minutes per tree pulling out the netting and chopping the rootball back to a base useful for bonsai. This was all done in the heat of summer, mid-august, as this was a free-bee hedge from a garden that was redecorated. Long story short.. I planted the yews in my growing field. Watered well and left them alone. By the end of summer some 5 of 15 trees had died and were pulled out. I have given away a few and by spring 2019 I was left with 6 yews for bonsai. Well established and super healthy. Every second year I cut the roots of these yews -without lifting the trees, just using a spade to slice under the rootball from all sides- so they have compact rootballs. From field to pot – Bonsai Taxus Late March 2019, as the buds were starting to push, I pulled one out of the growing bed, cleaned out the roots (Not bare rooted, but removed maybe 80% of the field soil, and potted it in a pot. I did not trim the foliage at this time. Picture of April 2019.…

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