Someone asked for a bonsai tree for Christmas

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: All Things Bonsai Blog.

If you are reading this, then someone asked for a bonsai tree for Christmas. A bonsai tree! Where are you going to get one of those and what on earth should you buy? If you haven’t got a clue, then read on. Chinese Elm Bonsai are great for Christmas Chinese Elms are the most popular bonsai tree for Christmas. They have small leaves, nicely shaped trunks and are not crazily expensive. They’re also one of the easiest species of tree to care for. A lot of people will start by looking at the bonsai kits page of the website. We have a range of trees on here. You can buy the tree on its own if you wish. For each product, you can add various option, such as making it into a gift set. Someone asked for a bonsai tree for Christmas. Little Chinese Elms like that are low priced and easier to look after than some of the other trees. If you are looking to spend a little more, we have larger Chinese Elm bonsai trees. The extra money bring a bigger tree with a thicker trunk. Starting from £75 for the tree (and pot) these 15 year old Chinese Elms look impressive There’s nothing wrong with the basic blue or green pots that come with these trees. However, the look of any tree can be improved by adding a higher quality pot. We can do this for you. again, have a look on the bonsai kits page for…

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