2019 Autumn Beauty At The International Bonsai Arboretum

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

  The “official” 2019 growing season has now ended, despite the lack of a killing frost, yet. We do expect some cold days later this week in the mid-20F range, and perhaps two inches of snow. That’s actually what I’m waiting for, so the bonsai in the main display area can be protected for the winter. All the bonsai in training, sales bonsai and nursery stock was put away yesterday by my Monday Senior Crew. They are a great group of hard working friends who help me with the bonsai and my bonsai activities to promote, expand and improve the bonsai community. However, I try NOT to protect my better bonsai until a hard frost and preferably after a light snowfall. As the gritty snow melts it tends to clean the bark and foliage. Hopefully, this weekend or early next week we can move the bonsai before I head off to Japan for our autumn annual bonsai tour where I’m presenting a lecture on my teacher Yuji Yoshimura at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum on November 19th. Then, two days later I’ve been invited, again, to be a judge for the 39thTaikan Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto.  Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum This autumn has brought some magnificent colors to my garden and I’d like to share some photos with you. A few of the trees have older developmental photos too.    Shishigashira Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum ‘Shishigashira’   Chichi Ginko Maiden Hair Tree, Ginkgo biloba ‘Chichi’   Japanese Zelkova,Zelkova serrata   Shishigashira Japanese Maple,Acer…

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