Japanese Maple Emergency

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Closing large cuts on Maple bonsai Since some 5 years I have an old Japanese maple. I got it from a nursery specialized in maples. In the corner they had a stack of trees that did not fully survive a late frost that spring (Which is exactly why I went there. The grafted variety had died off. A number of large areas of die-back makes this a less desirable trunk. On the other hand, it provides me with lots of practice in how to get wounds to close, I have been layering and testing the limits of rootwork. That being said.. I noticed that the large wound on the front had stopped closing. Where this summer I saw other large marks close up to half a cm all around, this one stalled. With a pen knife I explored the deadwood section. It was soft. In other words, even though I added wood hardener to the deadwood of this bonsai to be, it stopped working and the wood started to rot. Removing rotting wood Time for my carving tools. For this work I have a small dremel with a few round caring heads. So with this gentle tool I started to carve the soft wood off the top, in an attempt to find the hard, healthy living part of the trunk. What happened next surprised me. As I put the rotary bit on the deadwood, it pretty much exploded. The top mm or so was still together. However, below this the…

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