There and Back Again with a Cryptomeria-

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Any visit to Japan where remote temples are on the menu will usually involve Cryptomeria. These stately forest trees remind one of miniature redwoods, standing bolt upright as if on review. The Cryptomeria featured here is a home-grown bonsai from nursery stock, not an import. It was first styled by Harunobu Tokita in California. The first photo starts the legacy of this tree that lived for a long time in Boon Manakitivipart’s garden as a unique formal upright only rarely seen in the United States. I recall it well when I studied with Boon before moving to Japan. Hope you enjoy the photo essay- (First three photos courtesy Morten Wellhaven.) At the first Cryptomeria styling with Mr. Harunobu Tokita, behind the tree, and the original owner Morten Wellhaven to the left. Circa 1990. Rough styling done, and in a bonsai container Further along in the development of the tree, the ‘fingers’ beginning to show in the branch work. And in another pot too. The tree is still in Boon’s yard at this point. July 2012. Here the tree has relocated to southern California, and is in its third pot. Eventually we’ll run out of pots but not quite yet. First a reversal. We had a setback. Fungus took over the tree and killed foliage and small branches before it was reined in. July 2013. Browning foliage is from a fungal attack that took over and greatly limited any thoughts of aesthetics for few years. Though we were able to control…

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