Bloody Hell A Blog Post

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: All Things Bonsai Blog.

I’ve just been nosing through the website and realised that I haven’t done a blog post for ages. In terms of our stock of bonsai trees, we’re got more than ever. The place is really very full now. I wish I had more time to photograph and list them on the website. This year’s Chinese Junipers have just arrived and look fantastic. We’ve also got lots of Japanese White Pine bonsai trees. I didn’t go for very large expensive ones this year. They are from about £100 up to £400. We’ve had the shop for seven years now. It’s long enough for the wooden benches outside to have rotted and need replacing, so I’ve been making new ones. It’s interesting from me to see how much better I am at woodwork these days. Better at all aspects of bonsai too probably. The spring weather was nice, not cold. A long spring which started early without the blasts of cold weather in late spring. The summer has been wet as we all know. For us this was great, much better than last year’s heat wave, which was very hard work for us and the trees. Bonsai trees like nothing more than a dull, grey, slightly wet day. Work at the shop takes on cycles. We water, we prune.  We get peoples orders ready to send. Customers come, talks about bonsai care follow. Stories about bonsai keeping flow both ways, as does learning. It’s really quite wonderful. I feel quite torn between…

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