Wiring Prep: All At Once Or Piecemeal?

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

This is a question that dogged me in my early years… Do we clean out and trim shoots over the whole tree before we wire? Or do it branch by branch as we wire? Being a huge fan of simplifying, it made sense to me to do all one thing first and then move on the next task. Applying the ‘all at once’ technique to wiring prep, one would clean out and trim all shoots to length first all over the tree and only then start in with applying wire. And I did that for a while. But I didn’t do that for very long. Japan kicked me of the habit, where the professionals find the second method more effective. A Yellow Cedar, Cupressus nootkatensis, with all shoots trimmed and prepped for wiring, using the curiously less effective ‘all-at-once’ technique Counter-intuitively I found that there was more flexibility to trimming and wiring each branch as I came to it. The reason? One can relate one branch to another better. If you wire and set a branch, and then move on to the next, you have more options with a full branch than with a pre-trimmed one. I know this may not make sense, yet handling each branch prep in piecemeal fashion allows flexibility, and working through a tree becomes more organic. It leaves you foxier on your feet. You can adjust branches in a more pinpointed fashion and the length you leave things is decided as you move up and around the…

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