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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

Quite some time ago I was out walking the dog and picked up a pomegranate fruit. I took the fruit home and extracted the seeds and sowed them in the spring. A number of plants eventually grew from those seeds. I selected three of those seedlings a couple of years later, the long skinny ones and knitted them together with the idea they would “weld” themselves together and form a small twisted trunk bonsai. Well that was about five or six years ago and every year I check to see if the “welding” process has been successful but to date there has been no success. The trees are cute but the trunks are yet to fully develop as I had imagined. I know I could let them grow unchecked for a year or two but I wish to maintain the small branch structure and inter-nodal length. A sacrifice branch could be advantageous but the large scar let behind is not part of my plan either. So I persevere and hope. Here is a photo of the back and front and I took the photo just to show the fruit. The back The front I will keep going until I have the required result, because patience is all part of bonsai.

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