Why won’t my Ficus cutting grow?

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog.

Some 6 months I have been waiting for a cutting of Ficus burkei ‘puberula’ to show some signs of rooting. This is a long time for this Ficus species to show no evidence of rooting. I did see some foliage poking out of the soil in the corner of the pot. So, I unpotted the cutting and what did I discover? The cutting actually had roots in the soil and at the end of the cutting. But, it also had roots and foliage coming from the “bottom” of the cutting! Conclusion?? I had potted the cutting upside down! Despite this fact the cutting was completely alive and roots were coming out in two places from the cutting as well as sprouting leaves from the bottom or more accurately what should be the top. I repotted the cutting and in a few weeks it will be growing normally and a lot more quickly. I do recommend that cuttings be placed properly oriented in the soil for the best results but the result indicates that figs can take this error in stride. Just another of the amazing capabilities of Ficus! Ficus burkei ‘puberula’ cutting with some foliage coming out of the soil Close up of the folaige 1. Roots growing from the cutting 2. Roots and branches and foliage growing from the “bottom” of the cutting The cutting now planted the right way. Branches and foliage will soon grow back upright

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