Flowers, a Tiny Lizard & Other Bonsai Wonders

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

It’s almost that time of year. Here’s David Benavente’s caption… Rhododendron indicum “Shin Nikko” hoy, en plena floración (today in full bloom). 45x55cm (18″ x 21.5″) We’re still working on finishing touches for our soon-to-be launched new website. Stay posted, I think you’re going to like it. Meanwhile time is of essence so we’ll take our trusty old shortcut. This one is from May of last year. It’s been a while since we’ve featured David Benavente and his Estudio de Bonsái. It’s in Galapagar, Spain. Just outside of Madrid. The photos are from David’s timeline FOUR SPRING SPECIALS 25% OFF BONSAI WIRE FOR 3 OR MORE ROLLS 35% OFF ROSHI BONSAI TOOLS 25% OFF BONSAI FERTILIZERS 35% OFF 2 OR MORE BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOLS STONELANTERN.COM It’s not only about the flowers. Close up of the lower trunk and nebari European olive (Olea europaea).  No caption with this one, but it speaks for itself Closeup   Lizard on a European olive. Is this the same tree?   Japanese maple leaves 35% off rOSHI BONSAI TOOLS Choose from 70 different tools including Kits & Sets Sets count as one item Specials include items already discounted   ROSHI BONSAI TOOLS quality materials and craftsmanship make for precision, durability and beauty at exceptionally reasonable prices now even more reasonable – FREE Shipping on Continental U.S. orders 100.00+* only if you chose free shipping when you check out – STONELANTERN.COM *we will continue to honor 75.00 for free shipping for a few days however, increased shipping costs…

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