A Dramatic Juniper with a Slight List to the Left

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This dramatic Juniper may be leaning just a tad too far to the left (or is it just me?) Either way, too far left or just right, to my eyes its almost unbalanced feel creates just enough tension to add interest Continuing with Luis Vallejo’s bonsai, here’s one from our archives (Novemeber, 2012).  All the photos shown here are from Luis Vallejo’s Museo Bonsai de Alconbendas.  I borrowed them  from the Bonsai Center Sopelana in Spain’s Basque Country Continued below… THREE NEW SPECIALS 25% OFF BONSAI WIRE FOR 3 OR MORE ROLLS 35% OFF ROSHI BONSAI TOOLS 25% OFF BONSAI FERTILIZERS Specials include items already discounted   Good nebari, good trunk, good branching and brilliant color. It’s a Japanese maple. I won’t bother to guess the variety   Unfortunately you can’t see the trunks and much of the rock in this photo, but you can see the lush Hinoki foliage and the tree’s balanced, dynamic flow   This one’s a beech. You might notice how small the leaves are. It must have been defoliated HAVE YOU TRIED OUR ROSHI TOOLS? NOW ALL 35% OFF includes tools already discounted Roshi Bonsai Tools are manufactured to the highest standards and are famous for precision, durability, beauty and reasonable prices plus FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S. for orders 75.00+ but you must select Free Shipping when you check out STONELANTERN.COM –

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