Another Hawthorn & Harry’s Timely Reply

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Another Hawthorn that belongs to Harry Harrington. It isn’t as advanced as the one we featured yesterday, but it’s full of promise Yesterday we featured a freshly repotted Hawthorn by Harry Harrington. Here’s the rub… the tree hadn’t been repotted for 15 years! As you might imagine this provoked some questions by several readers. So last night I emailed Harry and this morning I woke up to his reply (before you read on, I suggest you take a look at yesterday’s post). So here’s your answer, in Harry’s own words… “Ive been asked this quite a few times since Saturday! The reason that the tree has not been repotted for so long is 3-fold. Firstly, the branch structure is set and established, so I do not require strong vegetative growth anymore. Rather, I need fine and delicate growth to create ramification. On a hawthorn, as with many other deciduous species, this delicate growth only comes with reduced root-growth and a soil with fine grain. Root pruning this tree will lead to 3-4 years of coarse top growth that is unusual in terms of aesthetic design. I should also add that with hawthorn specifically, when the tree is rootbound, it enters a mature flowering phase. Root pruning can reverse this and the tree can return to a juvenile vegetative phase where flowering does not occur as well.” Continued below… TWO NEW SPECIALS 20% OFF KOYO BONSAI TOOLS 20% OFF OKATSUNE BONSAI & GARDEN TOOLS Specials include items already discounted – Yesterday’s…

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