Harry’s Famous Hawthorn

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Harry Harrington’s Hawthorn just before repotting Here’s what Harry Harrington wrote about repotting his old Hawthorn…. “For the first time in 15 years, this afternoon I’m repotting this Hawthorn bonsai (some will know as the Informal Broom). And I can’t remember seeing quite so many white fleshy roots circling the bottom of a rootball……..I mean, it’s nice when you repot a tree and they are present, but this has hundreds!” In case you’re wondering why Harry is repotting so early, spring came to England ahead of schedule this year. You can visit Harry at Bonsai4me or on his fb timeline to see more of what he is up to and read about their early spring (if I were inclined to envy, this might be the time… snow is up to our eyeballs here in Vermont, with no end in sight) TOOL SPECIAL ENDS TONIGHT 30% TO 40% OFF BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOLS Special Ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, March 3rd – I cropped this shot for a closer look at the pot, ground cover, nebari, trunk and most of the branching. Nice tree   The first moment   Those fleshy roots Harry mentioned   A closer look   Here it is in bloom. Last summer?   Harry’s books. We’ve got The Foundations of Bonsai in stock and we’re expecting Inspirations 1 & 2 soon TWO MORE SPECIALS 25% – 30% OFF ALL BOOKS 20% OFF BONSAI CLOTHING Specials include items already discounted –

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