Bonsai Artist, Connoisseur & All Around Interesting Fellow

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This Pemphis acidula with its distinctive curlycue jin (dead branch) and its even more distinctive carved shari (deadwood on the trunk), was collected in the wilds of Indonesia by Wayan Arthana. The tree is 77cm (30″) top to bottom and the pot is 12.5cm (5″) high and 63cm (almost 25″) across. The artist and owner is Gede Merta of Bonsai Bali It’s been a long time since we visited Gede Merta. Too long in fact, considering his accomplishments as a bonsai artist , bonsai connoisseur and all around interesting fellow. All the photo shown here are from his Gede Merta Bonsai Bali fb timeline and all the trees are Pemphis acidula TWO NEW SPECIALS 25% – 30% OFF BONSAI & OTHER BOOKS 20% OFF BONSAI CLOTHING Specials apply to items already discounted – Cropped for a closer look at the deadwood   The dark pot almost disappears against the equally dark background, but there’s no denying the power and beauty of the tree. This one was collected by the Master himself, as were the rest of the photos shown here. Time is of essence as usual, so you’ll have to visit his timeline for dimensions on this and the rest of the trees shown here   Another crop. This time for a closer look at the trunk and the detail on the stand   Looks like a rock on a larger hollowed out rock with soil and moss   Another closer look. You might notice the deadwood on the exposed roots…

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