Why won’t my Ficus cutting grow?

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Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog. Some 6 months I have been waiting for a cutting of Ficus burkei ‘puberula’ to show some signs of rooting. This is a long time for this Ficus species to show no evidence of rooting. I did see some foliage poking out of the soil in the corner of the pot. Read More

Prunus in flower

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Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog. This Prunus Spinosa was collected over 10 years ago and it has been very sloe (sic) to develop. its planted in a semi cascade pot that has the corned ‘torn’ and the trunk passes through it. Go to the source blog (Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog) to read the full article: Read More

Han Kengai Yew changes

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Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog. Today I removed a major branch from this Han Kengai Yew, I replaced with a branch that was to the rear of the tree and brought it around to the front, the old branch was ‘jinned’ and used as a wire anchor. The pot is a virtual image and the Read More

A Quieter Tree & a Smaller House

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. I’ve long appreciated the subtlety of Michael Hagedorn’s bonsai. Michael tends to avoid flash and overstatement, even in some of his crazy experimental stuff.* Here’s Michael’s caption for this understated bonsai…  “Japanese Maple ‘Beni-Kawa’ with an unusual pot choice, an unglazed brown.” Here’s more in Michael’s own words (from his blog)… Read More

Svenska BonsaiSallskapet Show and a visit to Bigbrit Ashley Almström

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Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog. Last weekend I managed to meet up with some of Swedens bonsai enthusiasts, I was met by Torsten Ryman and his partner Eva at the biggest flower show in Sweden where Svenska BonsaiSallskapet had a booth. Over 50,000 people visit the show over three days, when we arrived it was Read More

Bonsai Bark Has a New Home & We’ve Got a New Website

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. I cropped this Ficus microcarpa for a close look at the sheer power and beauty of the trunk, pot and stand (the uncropped original is below). It’s by Huang,Ching-Chi of Taiwan We’ve got a New Website & Bonsai Bark has a New Home (right there on our New Website)!  You can Read More

Grafting American Species

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Source: Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai Blog. Itoigawa Shimpaku (Juniperus chinensis var. ‘Itoigawa’ – the most sought after Junipers in Japan, both for their deadwood features and, more importantly, for their foliar characteristics. The most famous examples of naturally occurring yamadori Itoigawa Shimpaku all came from one tiny area in the Niigata Prefecture of northern Japan, specifically Read More

Color and Unusual Pot Choice-

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. A tree with red berries in a green glazed pot. A conifer with green foliage in an unglazed, reddish brown pot. An orange flowered tree matched with a blue glazed pot. Common and good options. For pot choices, these opposing colors from the color wheel can work, and work well. But they Read More

Whats in the Kiln?

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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog. Now that I am back from my holiday its back into some pottery, and last week these came out of the kiln. Some are good and some, well I’ve learnt a lot from. This is a nanban pot that I made specifically for a pinus nigra that I dug last year. Read More