Putting the Art in the Art of Bonsai

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Magical realism? Or putting the art in the art of bonsai? Or both? I’m trying not to indulge in too much hyperbole… still, this tree expresses something completely unique*… or at the very least, a break with conventional design. And it and it’s pot are to my eye at least, simply beautiful All three trees shown here are from Hong Kong Bonsai Pots on fb. No names or attribution are provided, but I couldn’t resist anyway. Especially the one above (with closeups just below) TWO NEW SPECIALS 25% – 30% OFF bonsai & other bookS 20% OFF BONSAI CLOTHING Specials apply to items already discounted – A closer look at the reddish (vermillion?) pot and the trunk, along with whatever you call the rest of wood…  perhaps a very unusual nebari?   Closer still   Don’t ask, don’t tell. Or as a few old timers here Vermont might say, “no telling not knowing” And even though my guesses often aren’t worth much, I’ll try Chinese elm   Simple tree with plenty of space for the birds to fly through (Thank you John Naka). No guessing this time *Just because I know someone will comment… Though it’s true that unique is simply unique, or otherwise a definitive statement in itself, which is to say something can’t be more or less unique, and therefor ‘completely’ is completely unnecessary. Still adding the unnecessary completely  to unique is acceptable (completely acceptable?)  in colloquial speech, though it might lower your grade in a college essay and is frowned…

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