Another Brilliant Before & After Bonsai

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

As you can see, this before and after shows considerable skill in styling and refining bonsai. The tree is a European larch (Larix decidua). The artist is Will Baddeley. Someone goy lucky and bought this little gem from Will a while back Still working on our new website. Our original launch date has been obliterated and now I have no idea when we’ll throw the switch. Meanwhile, time is of essence, so it’s back to our archives. This one is from August, 2017 with a few changes today Continued below… THREE SPECIALS END TONIGHT 30% – 40% OFF OFF ROSHI TOOLS 25% OFF BONSAI POTS 25% OFF BONSAI SOIL – After, a closer look Here’s what Will Baddeley wrote about this tree in answer to my inquiry… “Ok. I bought it as raw material from Pavel Slovak in the Czech Republic 6 years ago. First two years were spent reducing and strengthening the bottom branch to use as the apex. This was hollowed with a dremel and bent round to compact the tree. No styling at that time as I wanted it strong. This took a year to hold and the tree had almost healed over. It has had two wirings since…” – Before. The branch on the right was the one used to form the crown   The new front after the first styling   After a period of unimpeded growth to develop secondary and tertiary branching NEW BONSAI WIRE SPECIAL 20% OFF 3 OR MORE ROLLS   After the…

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