Japanese Black Pine Made in America

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

“This exposed root Japanese black pine is a blend of Japanese sensibility and American craftsmanship…. Obviously it’s a Japanese species, and it’s hard to argue that several of the styling cues are based on Japanese bonsai. However, this tree is 100% made in America. The tree itself, started from seed and grown as bonsai material in California. The pot, hand made by American potter Dale Cochy, circa 2004. All brought together, styled and finished by me, an American bonsai artists trained in Japan. An exciting collision of several worlds and a respectful nod to all things bonsai from US and Japan.” The tree and the caption above belong to Danny Coffey. Danny is one of the many young Western bonsai artists who spent formative years studying bonsai in Japan. His teacher was and is Junichiro Tanaka, the fourth-generation owner of Aichien Bonsai Nursery. Danny has also served as an an intern at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum under the guidance of Jack Sustic, former museum curator. For more on Danny you can visit him on facebook and on his Tree the People blog. You might also take a look at a Bark post on Danny from last January. Continued below… Four New Sales 30% to 40% off bonsai aesthetics tools 30% to 40% off off Roshi Bonsai Tools 25% off Bonsai pots 25% off bonsai soil – Danny Coffey with 47 Rhonin. Here’s his caption: “Recently the Pacific Bonsai Museum brought me out to Washington to do some bonsai…

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