Pine Bonsai, Past & Present

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

  Dwarf Japanese five-needle Pine at this year’s Kokufu Exhibition. This and other Kokufu photos are from Bill Valavanis’ blog. Here’s Bill’s caption… “Looks like a spruce with the short needles.” Getting ready to throw the switch on our new website, so just some random pine bonsai today. Six from the past and two from this year’s Kokufu Exhibtion (Kokufu photos are courtesy of Bill Valavanis) SITE WIDE SALE ENDS TONIGHT 25% OFF EVERYTHING ON ALL ORDERS 25.00 OR MORE PLUS AN EXTRA 10% OFF OUR FAMOUS ROSHI TOOLS & AN EXTRA 10% OFF ROBERT STEVEN’S BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOLS 25% OFF APPLIES TO OUR ENTIRE INVENTORY ON ORDERS 25.00 OR MORE INCLUDING ITEMS THAT ARE ALREADY DISCOUNTED THESE SPECIALS END TONIGHT, FRIDAY FEB 22ND AT 11:59PM EST This gnarled old Mugo pine belongs to Walter Pall. Or at least it did seven years ago when we first saw this photo   Would you remove the first branch? The treee is a Japanese white pine by Susumo Sudo. Even though it doesn’t sport a heavy truck, there are several other features that lend an aged feeling; not the least of which are its rugged bark and natural looking deadwood (particularly the see-through shari). It’s from our Masters’ Series Pine book   This rugged old Japanese red pine is from this year’s Kokufu   Before and after Scot’s pine by David Benavente. You might notice the rebar in the after photo. If you’re familiar with David’s bonsai, you know that he has a…

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