Before & After Tropical Bonsai by Robert Steven

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Before and after by our friend Robert Steven, one of the World Bonsai Community’s foremost teachers and innovators. The before photo was submitted to Robert by David Royinsyah. The after is one of a large number of digital simulations that Robert employs as a teaching tool. The tree is a Tamarindus indica, a type of tropical legume. The photos are from the Black Scissors Community. We’re in the throes of moving our website to a more up to date platform. So to keep things simple, we’ve borrowed this post from our archives (Nov, 2017), with a few changes today It has been a while since we posted one of Robert Steven’s simulated before and after photos. In addition to being one of the foremost bonsai artists in the world, Robert is a bonsai teacher, so his before and afters are always information rich, with comments about style, technique, horticultural considerations and even bonsai history Continued below… SITE WIDE SALE 25% OFF EVERYTHING ON ALL ORDERS 25.00 OR MORE PLUS AN EXTRA 10% OFF OUR FAMOUS ROSHI TOOLS & AN EXTRA 10% OFF ROBERT STEVEN’S BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOLS 25% OFF APPLIES TO OUR ENTIRE INVENTORY ON ORDERS 25.00 OR MORE INCLUDING ITEMS THAT ARE ALREADY DISCOUNTED – – Before. The after simulation is below Continued from above… However, in this case, I went ahead and did my own commentary before I noticed that Robert had a separate page with his commentary (on Black Scissors Community). So having gone to all the trouble, I’ve decided to keep mine (below).…

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