Kokufu Bonsai! It’s that Time of Year Again

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Dwarf Kumquat. Even though there are more dramatic trees to choose from, I picked this one to start with in part because of the pot. The tree isn’t so bad either with its muscular little trunk and profusion of tiny Kumquats. This photo and the rest shown here are from Bill Valavanis’s Bonsai blog It’s Kokufu time! and Bill Valavanis is back in Japan shooting photos for all of us who can’t make the trip. I’ve grabbed just a few that I like. There’s more where these came from at  Bill’s Welcome to My World Bonsai blog   NEW SITE WIDE SALE 20% OFF EVERYTHING INCLUDING ITEMS ALREADY DISCOUNTED PLUS AN EXTRA 10% OFF ROSHI TOOLS & TOOL KITS Discounts Are Applied at Checkout STONELANTERN.COM We’ve been featuring forests lately and this one fits right in. It’s Tsuyama Hinoki forest that won a People’s Choice award. And no wonder. with it’s near perfect natural, uncontrived look     Here’s Bill’s caption for this one… “Mr. Saito displayed one of his many bonsai, a past Kokufu Prize Trident maple”   Japanese Black Pine. I like small trees with powerful trunks that almost completely fill the pot. Especially when they’re this well done Camellia in bloom A piece of a mystery tree. You’ll have to visit Bill’s blog for a photo of the whole tree Japanese Five-needle Pine, aka Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora) NEW 20% OFF EVERYTHING PLUS AN EXTRA 10% OFF OUR FAMOUS ROSHI TOOLS 20% OFF APPLIES TO EVERYTHING INCLUDING ITEMS…

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