A Muscular Monster, Before and After

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

I found this Picea abies (Norway spruce, aka European spruce) before and after at Mandala Bonsai Ilona. Though it would be great to know just how large this tree is, nothing more than just the type tree and before and after is offered on the timeline This magnificent, muscular monster (sorry!) is from Mandala Bonsai Ilona’s timeline. In this case, the before and after process mostly involves bringing an already well established bonsai back into shape. With one new design element added; the first branch is now a jin (the bark was stripped and the resulting dead branch is left on the tree as an intentional feature). Otherwise, it’s mostly trimming and wiring. With an expert eye and well developed technical skills, of course STONE LANTERN SPECIALS 30% – 40% OFF BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOLS* 30% OFF 1 TO 2 TOOLS –  40% OFF 3 OR MORE* 30% OFF BONSAI BOOKS 25% OFF BONSAI FERTILIZERS NUMEROUS OTHER ITEMS DISCOUNTED   Before. Hours of wiring and trimming lie ahead   After. Perfection!   I cropped the photo above for a closer look at just the tree. Speaking of the jin (mentioned above), carving, in addition to just stripping the bark, adds a natural feel * You may have noticed that our 3 or more Bonsai Aesthetics tool discount wasn’t working on our website. After some serious sleuthing at 5:30 this morning, I found the tiny culprit and vanquished it (hopefully once and for all). My apologies to those of you who tried to order and gave up STONE LANTERN SPECIALS 30% – 40% OFF…

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