Masters of Refining Bonsai

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

We don’t usually feature photos with so much background noise, but this Trident maple is phenomenal and it’s the only shot we’ve got Just home from vacation. The return was supposed to be a two day trek, but snow added a day.  Anyway, it’s late and I could skip today’s post, but instead we’ll just keep digging up Omiya Bonsai Museum photos from our archives (this one is from January, 2015). It’s easy enough and it will provide another opportunity for a heads up about the end of our Site Wide Sale tomorrow night  All the bonsai shown here resides at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama, Japan. They all deciduous trees in winter with their bare bones exposed. A good time to study line and ramification Continued below… 20% OFF EVERYTHING SITE WIDE SALE ENDS TOMORROW NIGHT PLUS AN EXTRA 10% TO 20% OFF ROSHI TOOLS AN EXTRA 10% OFF BONSAI POTS THESE SPECIALS END WEDNESDAY, JAN 23RD AT 11:59PM EST   This Trident maple shows good ramification and phenomenal trunk that seems to have swallowed a stone Continued from above… The thing that most separates Japanese bonsai from much of the bonsai in the rest of the world is refinement. With deciduous trees this is most obvious when you look at ramification (branch structure and particularly fine branching). There are certainly other features that express refinement, for example taper and nebari, but nothing expresses it more than the development of fine branching Continued below…   A broom style Japanese Zelkova that shows a…

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