Four Shohin Bonsai & a Strange Translation

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Miyazato Rintaro posted these four small trees last month. Here’s a strange machine translation for you… “For Sale. I’m going to give it to the net in the afternoon. This time, from mini bonsai to small pieces, We have a tree with sights. Please contact us” Shohin means a small thing in Japanese and all four of these trees qualify. They were posted by Miyazato Rintaro . The translations are machine generated, and though they generally tend to be better than they were a couple years ago, they still have a ways to go MID WINTER SITE WIDE SALE 20% OFF EVERYTHING PLUS AN EXTRA 10% TO 20% OFF ROSHI TOOLS – This translation for this one says… “14.5 cm itoigawa true kashiwa” (5.7″) I just looked up kashiwa a couple places and both said ‘oak.’ Go figure. By the way, Itoigawa is a variety of Sargent’s juniper. Here’s a post from a couple years ago about the difference between itoigawa, shimpaku & kishu junipers   Only the size is different on this one… “10.3 cm itoigawa true kashiwa.” (4″)   This one says… “13 cm ishizuchi pine” (5.12″). Ishizuchi is a mountain in Japan. Though no variety is given, if I had to guess I’d say Japanese black pine (I’m wrong more often than I’d like to admit, so don’t take it to the bank) “17 cm awaji kuromatsu” (6.7″). Kuromatsu is Black pine (Japanese black pine in this case) and awaji is a city in Japan 20% off Site Wide Sale PLUS…

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