A New Year’s Story-

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Usually I offer the bungled photos of the year in a blooper reel to start the New Year. As I reviewed the year’s photos, however, it became clear that there weren’t enough qualifying photos. Which suggests either an uptick in selective shooting or a lack of studio clowns. Either way I have no photos for you this year. So I’ll share a story instead. On New Year’s Day I rode out on my bike to our local volcanically active mountain, Mt. Hood. I should qualify that by saying I rode towards Mt. Hood, as it’s too far away for a part-time bike commuter like me to reach and hope to return in the same day. On the way there I was leapfrogging with another rider, with the lead often changing during road crossings where we had to slow down. I was tailing him most of the time and assumed he’d soon leave me behind, being obviously a svelte and speedy road biker. At one interchange he quickly looked both ways, and went across the road without pushing the button that would give the bike path the right of way to him. As he was crossing, though, he swerved to the button on the other side, and pushed it. For me. So I wouldn’t have to slow down. I spent the rest of the trip riding his gift. Inevitably, I began thinking of bonsai. When visiting other’s bonsai yards I often ask what their favorite tree is, and they tend to…

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