Japanese White Pines at Kokufu

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Close up of multiple trunk Japanese white pine. It looks a lot like a raft style* planting. This and the other photos shown here were taken at the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition. I cropped the original shot (just below) for a closer look We’ve got some Japanese white pines (Pinus parviflora) from the Kokufu Exhibition that we found at Kazumatsu Bonsai. They don’t say what year the shots are from, but given that they were just posted, you might guess 2018 Just in case you’re new to bonsai, Kokufu is the oldest and most famous Bonsai Exhibition in the world. It takes place every year in Japan (with a break in the 1940s) and the 2018 Exhibition was the 92nd NEW STONE LANTERN SITE WIDE SALE 10% off Orders 10.00 – 49.99 15% off Orders 50.00 – 99.99 20% off Orders 100.00 or more includes items that are already discounted… …Roshi Tools, 500 gram Wire, Watering Cans & Others discounts are computed at checkout – The original shot. As you can see, it’s an exceptional planting with a healthy canopy and just enough holes for the birds to fly through. And the pot suits it to a tee Another multi-trunked Japanese white pine, though this one is planted on a rock alive with ground cover. I can’t tell for sure if it’s a raft* The original photo Our Famous Masters Series Pine Book Stone Lantern Publishing – Another close up. This time of a white pine with an unusual base. Looks bit like sea creature, maybe an…

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