Green T Bonsai Monster Turntables – Now 20% Off

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Just in case you think your monster bonsai is too big for a Green T Hydraulic Lift Turntable… “Matsuda san is the new entry in the Masahiko Kimura Bonsai family… has already gained world recognition.” And of course Green T is an important part of Kimura’s workshop (see below). A  Green T Turntable will change the way your work on your bonsai and enhance the results… and you’ll enjoy the journey  Now Green T’s are 20% off with our SITE WIDE SALE Green T Basic regular price 385.00 NOW ONLY 308.00 with your Site Wide Sale Green T Plus regular price 495.00 NOW ONLY 396.00 with your Site Wide Sale DISCOUNTS ARE COMPUTED AT CHECK OUT PLUS FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. – That’s famous bonsai artist, Kunio Kobayashi on the right, getting ready to tackle his monster demo tree at last year’s World Bonsai Convention. And yes, that’s a Green T not even straining to hold the behemoth up.   The famous Masahiko Kimura with his demo planting sitting on a Green T Plus at the World Bonsai Convention. Even though this is a poorly doctored photo, we have it on good authority that Sumo wrestlers like Green T Turntables 20% off SITE WIDE SALE All Items Are Discounted 20%   Including Our Famous Green T Hydraulic Turntables Visit Stone Lantern FREE Shipping Still Applies on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more but only if you select Free Shipping when you check out – –

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