Growing Ginkgo bonsai from seed.

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Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

An old tree from seed In some way there is something magical about growing Ginkgo bonsai. Bonsai is of course all about growing miniature trees that give the impression of age and tranquility. And how better to do this by growing a living fossile? The species Ginkgo biloba is estimated to be 200M years old. It is the oldest tree species known, and as such, growing them for bonsai is a mythical experience. Getting the seed Frozen Ginkgo seeds along the road Getting the right seeds for growing Ginkgo bonsai from seed is important. Naturally, there are online stores that sell ginkgo seed. These however, are often old and completely dried up. Personally, I prefer to get seeds fresh, and collect them from the ground. For this, I went to a place with a number of Ginkgo trees along the road. Beware though: The seeds are covered by a fleshy outer layer, which smells a bit like ranzid butter. And the smell jumps into your skin. So be warned and prepared. Bring rubber gloves with you. In October/November the seeds should be ripe and fall to the ground so you can easily collect them. Do note that as the seeds are smelly, most trees planted now are male plants, that do not create seeds. So you have to find a stand of trees with female trees in them, as often found in botanical gardens. The seed coat has to come off the seeds. For me it worked well by putting…

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