Winter preparation in Bonsai

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

About removing leaves In my part of the world temperatures are falling. Days are shortening and many trees are dropping their leaves. Time therefor to look at our bonsai and consider the winter. Next to providing some form of protection agains the effects of cold wind on bonsai, the effect of sun in winter on bonsai, and in general the reasons why bonsai die in winter, some people remove the leaves from deciduous bonsai in late fall. Why remove leaves from deciduous bonsai in Fall? In nature, trees drop their leaves by themselves, at the time that the trees are ready. So why would one want to remove the leaves from bonsai before the tree indicates that the leaves are ready to drop? If you look into the subject a little bit, there are a number of good reasons to do this, but also some things to keep in mind. The benefits can roughly be divided in 4 categories. Aestetics, Maintenance, fysiological and health. The first two actually partially overlap. Bonsai leaf removal in fall: Aestetics Obvious to some, a revelation to others.. good deciduous bonsai look their best in winter. So to better and longer enjoy the winter image: Remove the leaves. Bonsai leaf removal in fall: Maintenance Fagus bonsai branch structure In line with the aestetics.. In fall, when the tree is still active you have a window to wire and trim your trees, without too much risk. If your fall does not turn into deep frost directly…

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