New Roshi Tool Special & New Shohin Bonsai Course

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Colorful fall highlights at Morten Albek’s Shohin bonsai garden NEW ONLINE BONSAI COURSE Morten Albek of Shohin Bonsai Europe and Oscar Jonker at Bonsai Empire have teamed up to create a Brand New Online Shohin Bonsai Course. I am familiar with both of these gentlemen (Stone Lantern published and edited Morten’s Shohin Bonsai, Majesty in Miniature – sorry, out of print – and I’ve been borrowing great photos from Oscar for a long time), so if my two cents are still worth anything, I’m betting it’s a winner You’ll need some good tools if you’re going to take the course NEW ROSHI TOOL SPECIAL 30% off list prices  Over 50 individual Roshi Tools plus 18 different Sets & Kits Not only do Roshi Tools look great, but they feel good in your hand and best of all, they cut like butter 18 different Stainless & Carbon Steel Sets and Kits Now also 30% off list Morten’s skilled hand with one of his Shohin bonsai Morten’s other skilled hand. You can tell he means business In case you missed it above, here’s your link for the Shohin course  And here’s your link to Stone Lantern for your bonsai essentials and of course, gifts for your favorite bonsai lover STONELANTERN.COM

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