Finding a Way to Improve Any Bonsai

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Robert Steven’s simulation of a Pemphis acidula that was submitted by Nurul Fajri (the original photo is below). Traveling today, so it’s archive time. We first featured the critique back in November, 2013. The tree is exceptional and worth another look When I opened my email from Robert Steven and glanced at the before photo (below), I thought it was the after photo. But only for a moment. It’s the pot that gave it away. The rest looked pretty good (some of us might trade our entire collections for a tree like this). But not good enough for Robert who always seems to find ways to improve any bonsai. TWO GREAT JAPANESE TOOL SALES END TONIGHT see below – The photo that Nurul Fajri submitted to Robert. Robert’s Critique Pemphis acidula that are collected from nature often have rocks attached. Composing harmonious designs that incorporate these rocks while retaining a tropical look, requires well-developed bonsai sensibilities and skill. The trunk, the foliage and the pot, which are the basic elements in the design above, look like they are all from different sources and lack unity. The neat round crown suggests a formal tree and does not fit with the casual character of the trunk; it’s apical shape breaks the flow from the trunk to the releasing tip. Also, the pot is too big for the rocky base; its bulky heavy feel distracts from the natural beauty of the tree. Consequently, the overall design lacks harmony and the tree’s dynamic movement is…

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