Bill’s Blazing Backyard Bonsai Brilliance

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Bill Valavanis’ famous Full moon maple in all its glory I’ve been meaning to knock your socks off (do people still say that?) with these photos of Bill’s Brilliant back yard for a few days now, but wanted to get all the fact straight first. Turns out time isn’t on my side so far this week, so I’ll just put the photos up as I found them on Bill’s fb timeline. If you want more info, feel free to follow the link. Continued below… 30% off Tool Specials End Soon OKATSUNE BONSAI & GARDEN TOOLS KOYO BONSAI TOOLS –   Here’s a note Bill sent us the other day … “Both Alan (Alan Adair) and I have not adjusted the color in the photos. They are actually that bright! and really glow in the right light. It took both of us 3 hours of moving trees around for the overall garden shot. We call it “painting with bonsai”. I’m up on the ladder and can’t clearly see a tree, so it must be moved. Then we need more yellow here and red over there. It all takes time, but worth it. From Friday to Sunday should actually bring out the peak color in my garden. But there are still about a half dozen maples which will not peak for some time. There are two shishigashira maples which were beginning to peak and should be stunning. After we take the formal garden photos we will bring other individual trees into to be photographed. Then, if we…

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