Meet Harvey B. Carapella

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

Harvey Carapella is an accomplished award winning bonsai artist living in Rochester, New York. He worked as a graphic artist for 36 years at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he additionally taught basic design and drawing for 44 years. Before growing bonsai he raised reptiles and spent considerable time making realistic panorama cages for his slinky pets. His attention to detail has now been transformed to his bonsai. Harvey has combined his graphic art background with his natural artistic talent to grow, design and display fine quality bonsai. Many of his bonsai exceed the quality of those created by professional bonsai artists. One of his bonsai, a Crabapple, was the logo for the 2008 1stUS National Bonsai Exhibition. Several of his bonsai have been featured in International BONSAIboth on the cover and in the Masterpiece Bonsai Gallery. He has been studying with me for over 40 years and has a special area in my studio where he spends all days on Friday and Saturdays in spring and autumn quietly working on his beautiful bonsai. Nobody dares to use his area and also has a special parking area near the front entrance of my studio. When I’m teaching my Introductory Bonsai Course Harvey always brings in a few of his bonsai for display as he works on his trees. When necessary he also helps both beginners and advanced bonsai students. Very often when a student has options for design Harvey offers his valued opinion, as do a few other advance…

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