Shadow Shots & Stainless Bonsai Tools

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Juniper with shadow. This and the other trees shown here belong to Luis Vallejo It’s time to visit Luis Vallejo, one of our favorites. I was attracted to these photos for their artist value as well as for the trees themselves. The only text Luis provided is… “Preparando exposición. 17/25 Noviembre 2018.” Though I suspect you can get it without translation, here it is just in case… Preparing for exposition,  November 17-25. (scroll down for details) NEW SPECIAL ALL STAINLESS TOOLS 40% OFF LIST PRICES SEE BELOW One tree, two shadows. I don’t know what type tree this is, and know even less about the one you can’t see Another shadow shot. Looks like a Live Oak No shadows but still a good shot Texture & color I cropped this on for a close up of the deadwood The original. No species is given NEW SPECIAL ALL STAINLESS TOOLS 40% OFF LIST PRICES ROSHI. KOYO & OTHERS, INCLUDES KITS & SETS FREE Shipping on most* Continental U.S. orders 75.00+ but you must chose Free Shipping when you check out *Free Shipping does not include bonsai wire, soil & non hydraulic turntables STONELANTERN.COM  

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