Canberra Bonsai Society Exhibition – Part 2

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

A few more photos of trees I liked or had interest, and maybe tomorrow I will post photos of the winners. Hinoki cypress Lilly pilly (Syzigium australe) Melaleuca linarlifolia “claret tops” Gum – Eucalyptus nicholii. Pity the screen isn’t tall enough. Leptospermum laevigatum Washington hawthorn – I thought it could have benefited with a trim. Chinese Elm – good tree and interesting stand. Another Chinese elm. Maybe a trim? This is a small pear (Pyrus) that I liked. Again maybe a trim would improve it? Taxodium distichum Trident maple Azalea Juniper Pyracantha Chinese Fringe Flower – Loropetalum chinense. I thought this was great.  

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