Canberra Bonsai Society Exhibition

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

Last weekend I attended to Canberra Bonsai Society exhibition/show at their new location and it was very good. Large space, separate area for the vendors and sales and the lighting was better than you normally have. It was also located on the north side of Canberra so easier for me to get too, winner in my opinion. The important part is the trees of course, so here is a selection of those I liked. It was unfortunate that a number of trees and displays were above the height of the display backing and this distracted slightly from the overall look as a whole. That said, there were a number of really good bonsai to admire. English elm I think this elm may have been dug on a Goulburn Bonsai Society organised dig a few years ago? Ginkgo Japanese Black Pine Shohin display Pyracantha Atlantic cedar Japanese Maple Deodar Cedar Azalea Juniper Another juniper, this time a needle juniper That’s all for now, a few more in a day or so.  

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