A Few Shots from the Asheville Bonsai Expo

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This muscular olive is from the recent Asheville Bonsai Expo. The photo and the others shown here are by Owen Reich. I cropped most of Owen’s originals, including this one (see below) for closer looks All the photos shown here were taken by Owen Reich at the recent Asheville Bonsai Expo. Owen doesn’t mention the varieties or the owners, but this is common with photos taken at shows, where distractions (mostly people) are everywhere and it’s hard to keep track. For more photos from the Expo you can visit Owen’s timeline. I’m busy today, so I’ll spare you my usual comments TIE POTS ARE BACK IN STOCK           I cropped out the edges for a little closer view The olive from the top of the post. This time with the stand NEW COLOSSAL BOOK SPECIAL 30% TO 80% OFF LIST ON ALL BOOKS Special includes… BONSAI BOOKS – JAPANESE GARDEN BOOKS & OTHER BOOKS Winter is a good time to bone up on your bonsai studies Especially if you live where winter is long & cold & not much else is going on

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