Tiny Bonsai & Colossal New Book Special

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

I’ve never seen such a small bonsai with so much deadwood. Looks like it a must be a tanuki (Phoenix graft). There no varieties given in English where I found this, but it’s pretty clear that this is a Shimpaku juniper There’s something about very small bonsai. Especially when they are hand held… a good way to tell just how small they are. There’s also something about discovering a new (to me at least) bonsai artist. Even if I can’t read their name (there is a hint in their email address – see below) COLOSSAL NEW BOOK SPECIAL 30% to 80% off list on all Books see below   Here’s your fb link to our source of the photos show here. And here’s a link to their website. I can’t provide the name of the site because I can’t read it, nor will this program accommodate the name in the text provided (on fb). However, we have this logo just above and this email address info@kawaguchibonsaimura.com which does contain a name or two    Another tiny Shimpaku with an abundance of deadwood   And another… This one looks like a Needle juniper and it’s most def not a tanuki NEW COLOSSAL BOOK SPECIAL 30% TO 80% OFF LIST ON ALL BOOKS Special includes… BONSAI BOOKS – JAPANESE GARDEN BOOKS & OTHER BOOKS The best way to up your bonsai knowledge is to study with someone who knows a lot more than you The second best way is to read a good bonsai book

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