One Sweet Little Tree While Waiting for More

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Our first photo from the just completed 2018 European Bonsai Sans Show. The tree belongs to Carlos Beto. I couldn’t find the species or size, but it looks like a Sohin (small) Cotoneaster. In any case, it’s got all the right stuff; heavy trunk with good movement, a strong nebari, and attractive little berries with a pot to match (red pots are on rise!). The moss is good too, with enough variation in texture and color to create interest (this is an often overlooked feature… slapping some moss on or just using sand or gravel isn’t good enough for a top show). Some might take issue with the pruning scar smack dab in the middle of the trunk, though I think the trunk has enough texture and color variation to soften and almost disguise the scar I’ve been waiting for photos from the recent 2018 European Bonsai Sans Show. So far I’ve found a few, but they lack identification and attribution, so we’ll keep waiting. Meanwhile, I did find this one on Magdalena Chiavazza’s timeline Continued below… TOOL SPECIAL ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT 30% off list prices special ends Sunday, Oct 14th at 11:59pm EDT   I cropped the original for a better look at the trunk (berries, leaves and moss too) Continued from above… Here’s Magdalena’s caption… European Bonsai San Show 2018, Saulieu (Autor? ni idea) Bellisimo ejemplar!!! Gracias Carlos Beto por la información y felicidades por tan hermoso ejemplar!!! Here’s a machine translation… European Bonsai San Show 2018, Saulieu (Author? No idea) Beautiful example! Thanks Carlos Beto for the…

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